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Breast Reconstruction

About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

We have expanded our list of insurance companies that we work with! Call us today at (856) 872-2464 to find out if you qualify!

Dr. Garber has been performing Breast Cancer Reconstruction surgery in the Southern New Jersey area for over 8 years. His office is conveniently located near the Cherry Hill area and minutes from Philadelphia, PA.

Breast Reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy allows Dr. Garber to recreate breasts in women who have lost a breast due to mastectomy, disease or injury.

The process can take many different forms, depending on how completely the patient wants to rebuild the breast and how many surgeries the patient is willing to undergo. Breast reconstruction consists of different stages. The first step is to replace sufficient skin to cover the breast mound and inserting a breast tissue expander. The expander is gradually filled usually over a 4-6 week process in order to make room for a permanent breast implant. At the second stage a breast implant is inserted under the newly formed skin of the reconstructed breast. The 3rd stage involves recreating the nipple for the newly created breast mound. This is usually done by grafting a flap of skin from the abdomen then tattooing the nipple and areola area a darker color to complete the effect.

Please be informed of you health insurance coverage. We suggest before having any surgery to call your health insurance company to find out your benefits and coverage. There are certain insurance that we participate with and others where we will work with you if you have out-of-network- benefits.

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*Individual results may vary

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