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Breast Reductions

About Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Garber performs more breast surgeries in a year than any other surgeon in the South Jersey area. He has been voted "Top Doc" in Sj Magazine and South Jersey Magazine for 6 years in a row. Much of his referral base is from other doctors in the area who refer their patients to him as well as previous patients. Dr. Garber has built his reputation in the South Jersey area because of his expertise, understanding and skill involved in reconstructive work.

Insurance Coverage & Criteria

We have expanded our list of insurance companies that we work with! Call us today at (856) 872-2464 to find out if you qualify!

Breast reduction surgery is generally considered a reconstructive procedure and may be covered by health insurance when performed to relieve medical symptoms. Many insurers define breast reduction surgery as reconstructive based on the amount of tissue that will be removed. Dr. Garber is one of the only plastic surgeons in the South Jersey area who accepts insurance for this procedure (to find out if we participate with your insurance please call our office) In order to be approved for breast reduction surgery, the insurance companies will require you to meet certain criteria for reimbursement or coverage. Each insurance policy varies greatly. Carefully review your policy to determine coverage.


Breast reduction, technically known as reduction mammoplasty, is designed for women who experience back, neck and shoulder pain as well as skeletal deformities, breathing problems, rashes and shoulder grooving due to large breasts In these cases, unusually large breasts can make a female feel extremely self-conscious and may limit their physical activity and cause them physical discomfort.

Surgical Procedure

The procedure removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer. In some cases, excess fat may be removed through liposuction in conjunction with the excision techniques. The areola is also reduced in size. The goal is to give the woman smaller, better-shaped breasts in proportion with the rest of her body.

It is recommended that the breast be fully developed before the surgery is performed. However, if large breasts are causing serious problems, the procedure may be recommended for younger patients.

Where is the procedure performed?

Dr. Garber performs breast reduction surgery at accredited outpatient surgical centers or at a hospital. He works out of Centennial Surgery Center, Summit Surgical Center and Virtua and Kennedy Hospitals all located in the South Jersey area conveniently located 45 minutes from the Atlantic City area and 20 minutes from Philadelphia.

Will I have pain?

With any surgery you can expect pain. Dr. Garber will prescribe medication for pain as well as offer the On Q Pain Buster. This is a device filled with an anesthetic medicine for local pain relief. With the pain pump, you may need to take less pain medication which will help eliminate some of the side effects of oral pain medication.

Preparing for surgery

It is best to be as physically healthy as possible. I f you are a smoker you will need to stop well in advance prior to your surgery. We also want you to avoid taking any aspirin products, anti-inflammatory, and herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery as they can increase bleeding. We will also have you get a mammogram prior to surgery.

What to expect post surgery*

Although much of the swelling and bruising will disappear in the first few weeks, it may be six months to a year before your breasts settle into their new shape. Following your physician's instructions is key to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during the time of healing. Dr. Garber will give you specific instructions on post op care. One month following the surgery you will be wearing a support bra to reduce swelling and bruising. You may return to work in about two weeks but should avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous activity for the next four weeks. Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction results in the quickest body-image changes. You'll be symptom free of the physical discomfort of large breastsl, your body will look better proportioned, and clothes will fit better.

Click Here for the Breast Reduction Before and After Gallery

*Individual results may vary

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